The MacKlaras

The MacKlara’s have 75 family members. They live on the South side of the town towards the family industry, the winery. The winery was abandoned 30 years ago and they have made a small living off agriculture since then. They are jealous of the Motts who have their Orchard back and want the PCs to free the Winery next.

They tell the players that the problem is the Mobats (gaint bats) who have taken up living in the warehouse where the vats are kept as the bats are attracted to the sweet juices that are stored inside. There is also the Thing in the basement. These very proud people seem almost ashamed as they explain that a mad family member, a wizard, summoned a Demon to guard his tomb in the family crypt in the basement when he died. The thing is still there and they are terrified by its roars and growls in the night.

Once they are back in business they will produce a fine and clean fruity claret. The family lives in 15 sturdy wood and stone buildings that are centuries old and well adorned with flowers and brightly painted. As a family they are proud, insular, conniving, and jealous of others. They are led currently by Cullen MacKlara. Cullen is determined to uphold the old traditions of his family.

The family values intelligence in its members and each home has a small library of books and scrolls. Many of the members are minor wizards and sorcerors.

The MacKlaras

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