Slippery Sly Lonnegan

Unhinged murderous with memory loss


An unhinged murderess who fled to sea to escape the gallows. Longegan is a homicidal maniac that loves to see the faces of those she slices open with her knives. She worked in Port Peril as a scullery maid but spent her nights hunting for people to slide open in drunken alleys. While on board she is reveling in the thought that she is with kindred spirits. She carries small slivers of metal (razors) which she uses to slice those she dislikes while passing them by. She REALLY likes spiders ! She has a bilge spider as a pet hanging from a cage near her bunk.

Sly has recently met with an accident, falling from a yardarm and hitting her head on the main deck. She now suffers from loss of memory. She does not know who she is and anything of her past and past personality. She is unsure and nervous about being with pirates. As she has lost all knowledge of Sailing and murder her friends and Master Scourge see her as useless and are thinking of dropping her off at the net port.


Slippery Sly Lonnegan

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