Shikvah - Dead

Marangi Ex-Slaver


A very tall Marangi Ex-slaver, Shivikah towers over most people here at over 6’ tall. She is thin and very muscular. She does not like anyone aboard the Wormwod and shows it. Her former ship was sunk by Andorian Grey Corsairs and she lost her life’s pay, friends, and carreer in one day. Now she has joined the crew of this pirate ship where the dangers are much higher and the reward iffy at best. She wants to be left alone to do her job. She is no stranger to hard work and is frightening in battle. Her entire body is covered with ritual scars and she wears large bone earrings. Before battle she cuts her fore-arms to give praise to some dark god before killing.

Shikvah was killed in the battle for the Man’s Promise.


Shikvah - Dead

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