Male Rhadahoumi


Ranis was born the poorest of the poor and learned how to knife fight before he was 10. He watched his sister and younger brother die of starvation and disease while they tried to scrape a living from the gutters of Adiz. He used to watch the ‘swells’ ride by on their horses and carriages and look down upon him and his family with pity and disdain. He hates the wealthy and will gut them if he can. He is greedy and hateful and will obey any order to kill a lord or merchant. He is a born pirate and is very happy to be here robing the rich instead of working for them. He is a short, slim man with a hungry look in his eye always smiling at the thought of a good score. He has a habit of flipping his knife while he is thinking. He is otherwise lazy and self-centered.



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