Male Chelaxian


Omari was also born the poorest of the poor but was lucky enough to have been drafted into the Chelaxian Navy serving aboard a scout ship. He has the Star and Shark tattoo on his upper arm as any Chelaxian sailor and is careful to hide it from the rest of the crew. He is paler and more sunburned than the rest of the Rhadahoumi. He is also very competent and able with a high degree of loyalty to the hierarchy of the ship, being a former navy sailor and used to the tough punishments of Chelaxian ships. He obeys orders, drinks lightly and is polite and serious. Not a typical pirate. He worships Asmodeus and his word is his bond. The PC’s may notice that his professionalism and adherence to duty sets him apart from the other crew members. The crew also notices it soon enough.



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