Mister Plugg - Dead


Mr. Plugg is the Wormwood’s bullying and sadistic first mate. He is Captain Harrigan’s second-in-command, and his word is law on deck. Mr.Plugg is an angry young man and is always furious about something. His rage simmers like a stew but even when he loses his temper he quickly regains control of himself. To Mr.Plugg Honor, teamwork, and friendship are alien concepts at sea and the only true value lies in discipline and only the constant threat of dire punishment can keep a crew of cut-throats and scoundrels in line. He is not a forgiving man.

Bald except for a long black ponytail and sporting a narrow beard, Mr.Plugg somehow looks angry, miserable, and uncomfortable all at the same time. Bare-chested he wears an immaculate coat with pearl buttons and carries a cat-o-nine-tails with him at all times. He clearly takes great pride in himself. Everything about him shines from the polish on his boots to the dome of his head. His teeth are grey and yellow however and his face is fixed in a constant grimace.

Mr.Plugg was killed by the PCs during the mutiny aboard the Man’s Promise. After multiple cuts and stab wounds he was shot in the face by the ship’s new captain, Vanus Eudonius. He was buried at sea.


Mister Plugg - Dead

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