Master Scourge - Escaped

The Wormwood's Infamous Disciplinarian


Master Scourge is the Wormwood’s boatswain and master-at-arms, and Mr. Plugg’s right-hand man. As boatswain, he is in charge of all activities and sailors on deck, and as master-at-arms, he is responsible for discipline. Master Scourge is a sneering man with a braided beard and a mouth full of gold teeth. His body is tall and thin, and even his long coat and heavy boots fail to give any impression of strength or bulk. He is always found with his whip in hand and is not shy about cracking it across someone’s skull or back.

A sadistic coward, Scourge uses his association with Plugg as protection and in return has no morals when it comes to the tasks his master sets. He is bold and violent when the odds are stacked in his favor, happily kicking a dying dog in the street if asked to do so. But should that dog get up and bite, he quickly flees.

Master Scourge escaped the Man’s Promise during the mutiny led by the PC’s. He swam to Bonewrack isle and disappeared into the jungle. It is a place filled with dangerous creatures and swarms of insects infected with Ghoul Fever.


Master Scourge - Escaped

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