Jaundiced Jake - Dead

A humorless, greedy, cruel, half-orc mute.


A humorless, greedy, cruel, half-orc mute. Jaundiced Jape is not the usual greenish orc color but more of a yellowish hue , hence his name. Jape is brutish and rarely thinks beyond the next few minutes. He enjoys piracy for the chance to kill and loot but also for the ‘tribe’ like culture he finds here with the others. He has no ambition beyond the next kill or the next enjoyment. He holds grudges. Jape is the strongest one on the ship with a Str of 17. He enjoys proving his strength and will dislike anyone who beats him. He is a berserk in combat roaring and charging into the biggest knot of enemies.

Jaundiced Jake was slain when the PC’s took over the Man’s Promise from Mr.Plugg. He died at the end of THhlrick Orcblood’s trident on the deck during the battle. He was buried at sea.


Jaundiced Jake - Dead

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