Fipps Chumlett - Dead

Fat Pushy Bully


A fat pushy bully with a shaved head. Fipps is a classic tough guy when he has back-up but does not make a move without his friends around him. He loves picking on those smaller and weaker than he is. He is covered in tattoos and is proud of them, He likes to get a new one every time he hits port, usually when he is drunk. All of them are of skulls and pirate symbols. Fipps is a compulsive gambler and is always found in any game of chance where betting is going on.

Fipps was hun by Captain Vanus Eudonius and the Crew of the Man’s Promise after Mr.Plugg was slain and the PC’s took over the ship. He did not die well.


Fipps Chumlett - Dead

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