Badger Medlar - Dead

Veteran Pirate and Buccanneer


An older woman who shaves her grey hair into corn-rows which gives her the odd look of an angry badger. She has been a pirate aboard one ship or the other for months and has yet to see a successful haul. She has serious doubts this will be any different. She was a port side fish seller for many years but decided that if she was going to end her long life it will be on a ship living an adventure at the point of a sword. She actually joined the crew voluntarily. She is here either to earn enough to live in comfort or get herself killed, either one. She has absolutely no qualms about running someone through. She will be seen in battle actually laughing.

Badger Medlar was killed on Bonewrack Island, slain by the Brineblood Queen and eaten by Lacedon ghouls. Vanus Eudonius could not save her and Sandara Quinn at the same time. She was captured and tortured by the Grindylows, her left leg bitten off and eaten by the mutant called the Whale.


Badger Medlar - Dead

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