Aretta Bramson

Cruel and heartless Vixen of the Seas


A bad tempered ex-harlot with big ears, Arretta has found her niche on the chip along with the more Evil crew mambers as both as a Femme Fatale and has found a sister in Slippery Sly who also loves the sight of a man begging for mercy at the end of a blade. Arretta will stab any one who refers to her ex-profession or her ears. She does however dress in tight clothes that reveals her ample bosom and round ass. She loves to tease the others with her body and overtures then threaten to cut their fingers off as she laughs at their discomfort. The others who she might call mates on the ship accept this behavior and laugh along with her cruel jokes. She flirts with them as well but more of a dark friend than as victims. She plans to make a life of piracy and is considering her reputation as a dark sea vixen. She is cruel and heartless.


Aretta Bramson

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