Male Rhadahoumi


Born in the poorer sections of Botosani he left home and his family to earn a living as a sailor. The pay is not much but he has the Merchant’g Guild send his pay to his family. Since he is not considered dead with the loss of the ship his wide and children will be getting his death benefit. If he can make enough money here in the Shackles as a pirate he will then go home and find honest work. He is not above killing a few strangers to find that better life for his family. He carries a carving of his wife around his neck and kisses it for good luck. He is loyal to the ruling power on the ship and cares nothing for the lives of the scum around him. He will be hardworking and serious as well as materialistic. He is doing this for his family and his goal is to return with as much cash as possible and alive. He is a tall, thin and clean man with a focused and appraising look. He will take care of himself first. He does not like the rest of the crew, thieves and murderers. He is quiet and keeps to himself and his fellow Rahadouomi.



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