Frozen Whispers

Adventure Log #4

Adventure Log 4.

The Crew of the Crimson scourge had just captured the Chelish warship, the Sloop Famished Mane. Transferred to the sloop were Aron Helstrom, who was put in command of the smaller vessel, and Tholrick Orcblood. With them went Owlbear, Arretta Bramsen, and Sly Lonnegan. Already on the vessel were Walker Silvergrim the Cabin-boy (who happens to be a 24yr old yet boyish looking half-Elf) and George Mooney Darkblood (a large Orc with a knowledge of carpentry and surgery) and retained were 10 men of the Volsfang’s crew. Aron found that his new crew were of the more wild and bloodthirsty bent. They were still saddened by the loss of so much Booty that they so courageously claimed from a series of orphanages and old-age homes along the way.

Trouble on the Famished Mane started as they approached Tidewater isle. Alerted by one of the crew that the bilge was littered with human bones, Aron bravely went forth to find the cause. Tholrick joined him and jumped down into the fetid water of the dark (!) bilge. The sea-borne Dwarf was attacked almost immediately by a monstrous Ooze which scoured him with its acidic touch. A battle ensued where-in the creature split into 2 more fetid beasts, each attacking with burning acid. George Moony Darkblood, the Orc carpenter joined in as the battle raged. Between the three of them the beast was soon slain and order restored to the small vessel.

Back on the Crimson Scourge, Captain Vanus Eudonius now spied the grey outline of Tidewater Isle and the Rock itself, a large and solid stone tower which dominates the small rocky isle. At a long dinner-feast at which great amounts of red wine was drunk, the Crew met the Lady of the Rock. Agasta Smythee is a strong minded, middle aged woman. A competent and formidable figure she was once a raving beauty now past her prime but still very attractive (Chr:15). Also present was her Sergeant-at-arms Royster McCleagh of the Clan McCleagh, himself a strong and dedicated warrior once in the service of the Lad’s late husband, Iron Burt Smythee. Cazran the Extremely Sotted was not present at the table as he had been given over as hostage previously and had located several hogsheads of ale and wine to pass the time with.

Over dinner, Lady Agasta explained that although she would like to see the Isle used by a strong Captain once again, she had no intention of losing control of the place to a mere ally. She would however, accept Captain Vanus as a Shackles-Husband for the space of one year therefore guaranteeing him the use of the Rock and its treasures. However, before she could consent to such a union he and his ship would have to make a name for themselves among the pirates of the Shackles. With the coming of evening the Crew left the tower with the well-wishes of the Lady and her guards and returned to their vessels.
No one is telling Sandara Quinn about the whole of the dinner conversation.

Captain Vanus decided that his first voyage would be to the Treasure of Shark Island and set sail to that Sahaugin-haunted place. They docked at the small port of Blackblood Cay. There docking they went about their business while their new Bard and Storyteller, Ziljane, hit the local taverns and began entertaining the drunken huddled masses. Unfortunately no one there believed his tale about Captain Vanus biting the ear off a berserk Kraken after they realizes that Krakens do not actually have ears. They did believe the part about the donkey, three rubber bands, and the bottle of seltzer but it was hardly a heroic tale.

Aron Helstrom, now Lieutenant Junior Grade of the Famished Mane, acquired a brace of 10 Masterwork Daggers along with a matching bandolier. Tholrick sold off the captured Chelish Marines, Sailors, and a Family heirloom +1 Blue-Steel Long Sword to a passing merchant, Saxon Hardriff who arranged for such things. After arranging their supplies the players struck down the Greenscale River headed to the Lake of Scales. This is a place notorious for its thick jungles, dangerous creatures, and ancient Ghul-gan ruins. A place those with knowledge warn of constant danger, gruesome death, and the power of ancient and hungry alien gods who thirst for the souls of the living. On of this seemed to bother the Crew of course.

Their first night upon the shores of the River, they were attacked in the grey of morning by a Hydra of five heads. Luckily it did not regenerate heads. Unluckily it did breathe acid. Luckily Aron Helstrom spotted the creature first. Unluckily their bard, ZilJane, was so tired from spanking his monkey the previous evening that it took a while and a falling gnome to wake him. But, once they did and he stuffed his monkey back in his pants, the battle was soon won.

As we now leave the Crew of the Scourge, they are all intently bathing in the river, attempting to avoid serious acid burns. Their clothes, however, have about had it. Unluckily I doubt anyone has a spare set of clothing so expect a lot of armor chafing in their future adventures.

Til next time…..

Adventure Log #3

The Adventure Continues

The game opened as the Crew of the Crimson Scourge sailed to the attack of the Chelish naval cutter, Famished Mane. The Famished Mane had just defeated the pirate brig Vorsfang and the Chelish crew was busily setting fire to the vessel, its pirate crew trapped below decks and screaming as they realized their fate. Due to the sailing skill of Captain Vanus the Crimson Scourge slid neatly along the side of the Chelish Cutter out of the sun to achieve surprise on her otherwise occupied crew.

Aron Helstrom, invisible, leapt to the aft-deck of the Famished Mane to encounter the enemy captain and 2 of his marines. Four more Chelich marines stood on the main deck of the small sloop. With a firing of Ballistae the crew of the Crimson Scourge leapt to the attack with Cazran the Now Very Useful casting Black Tentacles on the defeated Vorsfang slaying 10 enemy sailors and blocking the way for the rest. Captain Vanus swung now to confront the enemy captain sword and pistol in hand as Tholrick the Pious led the crew of the Crimson Scourge onto the main deck to confront the marines there. A furious combat began and blood was spilled as cutlass and pike clashed on the deck. The Chelish captain, the Cavalier Cyvantus Tisserond, refusing to surrender the vessel called upon a pack of ghouls that were yet feasting on the Vorsfang to come to his aid. One did not make it aboard, slipping on Cazran’s grease spell and falling into the water to get devoured by frenzied sharks. The Chelish captain finally fell to the piercing blade of Aron Helstrom as Captain Vanus, bleeding from many wounds, prepared to face down the two fanatical marines. More ballistae bolts were fired as Tholrick the Sea-soaked unleashed the power of his god to burn the ghouls with holy fire. As Captain Vanus slew the last of the marines on the aft deck, Aron Hellstrom leapt to the Vorsfang to release the pirates from the burning hold. Once the ghouls fell and the Chelish crew saw the body of their captain lying dead, the battle was over and the crew of the Crimson Scourge saw their first victory at sea.

The 19 survivors (including 7 women) of the Vorsfang including the Cabin Boy, Wesley, and their Ships Carpenter, Jonnas, decided to join the crew. Their own ship lay burning with their officers dead. Including their capaint Aman Busa. And throughout all the music of their newest crew member (and replacement Bard) filled the air with songs of courage and conquest, raising the morale of the crew and urging them to greater and nobler (?) deeds. Captured were 4 Chelish marines and 6 sailors who survived the attack.

Now with Aron Helstrom as temporary captain of the Famished Mane the victorious crew sailed on for the Rock of Windward isle.

Treasure: 1 large book of romantic tales, 11 oak longbows, 14 emerald earrings, 1 large gilded ship’s bell, 2 bottles of Neutralize Poison, 1 Blue Steel LongSword bearing the crest of house Tisserond of Cheliax, 1 Small Silver Rapier in a box with a pickled Halfling hand, 10 Huge sized silver gauntlets made for Ogres.

Two more days sailing and the two vessels now came upon yet another scene. With the sock of a catapult hit the stern and rudder of a Sargasan Merchant Galleon was shattered leaving the vessel to flounder. The pirate ship, Devil’s Palor was closing in. A massive drekkar with a full complement of hobgoblin rowers and crew were ready to engage the galleons out-numbered defenders. Quickly putting up the Chelish battle flags the meager crews of the two ships bore down on the drekkar ready for combat. Now in this moment the Hobgoblin captain saw not pirates but 2 Chelaxian naval ships bearing on him. Thinking the better part of valor and leaving the helpless Saravans at their mercy, the Devil’s Pallor withdrew.

The galleon’s captain, Tomas Gelwin, grateful for the rescue but cursing his luck, thanked Captain Vanus and bid him take ½ his ships treasure(+1 Booty) but to kindly leave his passengers, two Galtish ladies alone. Obviously Captain Vanus had to invite them all to dinner. Ziljane, the bard, went to meet the ladies and encountered the two vampires, ummm, I mean ladies in their chambers. There they were guarded by not less than ten Galtish soldiers and were busy having tea. Quite thoroughly amusing them with his rendition of a bad selection of ABBA tunes Ziljane just knew they both wanted him badly but, being a gentleman, remained aloof of their burning, animal desires …. caused by his singing skill and tight pants. The ladies, Yanna and Laniana Dubuios-Calet accepted the invitation to dine with the pirate captain with grace and a lovely time was had by all. The ladies mentioned that they were considering opening a merchant house in Sargava for their large family enterprise but were worried by the over abundance of pirates. Allaying their fears, Captain Vanus poured more wine as Fishguts Kroop served up another portion of pork roast stuffed with sage and apples.

The galleon was far behind now and the two vessels now beheld now beheld the Rock of Windward isle. A large tower of stone overlooking a low-lying isle of grey sand and shale. Standing by a watery channel leading to a sheltered lagoon inside the isle, the tower is fully 70’ high, armed with twin heavy ballistae, and bristling with arrow slits.

It is 7 am according to the ship’s sundial and we wait to see what the Crew will do now.

Adventure Log #2

Recap of the last game.

Returning from the Temple of the Spider God was a quicker and easier trek than the way there and through. Captain Vanus regained his senses with the help of a good night’s rest and a few Healing spells Tholrik of Gozreh cast on the behalf of the party. Already above one could sense the Foul Magic that had caused the Drought in the area had dissipated and the Jungle was being restored to its natural balance. Birds called, lions roared, hippos danced. Although they did wonder what had become of the traitorous Druidess Chandra Bristlewick , their curiosity was soon abated as they found her body on the road. She had been poisoned and slain by hundreds of spiders and her bloated corpse was even now rotting beneath the morning sun. From her corpse they retrieved a small pouch of gems, aa dozen silver hairpins decorated with onyx, and a Minor Ring of Spell Storing which all agreed would go well on the finger of Cazran the Soon to be Mighty.

Returning to the lair of the Naga, they were surprised to be greeted instead by the Yuan-ti (whose story I posted on the Wiki, your welcome). With the waking of Ysidrius (Reptilian deity of unquenchable anger and passion) the Yuan-ti also awoke from a long slumber now full of plans to rebuild their millennium old empire once more and offering the heroic crew rewards in coin and in magic with a +2 Serpent Hide Armor inscribed with the symbols of Ysidrius (AC +6) and a +2 Light Mace of Corrosive Burst. Captain and Crew readily accepted these gifts as well as the news that the Yuan-yi would be sending an emissary with them to make arrangements for trade with Rickety Hake as he had the only working port in the area. Plans were made, excellent wine was drunk, and the Crew feasted on what tasted like chicken. The leader of the Yuan-ti is the Abomination, Shulassakar, a Cleric of Ydesrius while the Emmisary sent with them to meet Rickety Hake was the pureblood Sarlona, a Diplomat, Seductress, and Serpent Blood Sorceress.

But first the Crew decided to reclaim the skiff they had abandoned on the river. Mostly because they did not feel like carrying 300lbs of treasure chest downriver. The boat had been captured by a local tribe of Lizard-folk who brought it to their town and were currently watching their children play pirate when the party arrived. Captain Vanus, always taking the lead, bravely scaled the wall to the village and stood Captain-like on the palisade while Cazran (using Stealth) peeked thru the front gates. The rest of the Crew were no where to be seen. After a quick negotiation the boat was returned to the river and the Lizard king was 3 Steel Daggers and one Steel Drinking Mug richer. The tribe also noticed Captain Vanus’ Golden Torque given to him by the Yuan-ti. They seemed greatly interested and contemplative. That night they performed a sacred ritual, which the party heard while camped at the shore.

Retrieving Sarlona and their treasure, the Crew returned to the Squibbs as heroes, feasted on boar and drank heartily of ale while Sarlona and Rickety Hake, now amazed and confused, spoke about the future growth of the Yuan-ti empire. As the Squibbs was no longer to be a simple hidden cove, great plans and offers were made on both sides. Capatin Vanus, agreeing to a commission of 3% of the total wealth, assigned both Rosie Cusswell and Conchobar Shortstone to stay at the Squibbs and guard their interests. Rosie, now 500gp richer due to her reward from Hake, and Conchobar, greedy to learn songs and tales of an empire some 2000 years past, both agreed to this eagerly.

Sandara Quinn also had news. While they were gone she had recruited 13 new sailors from a passing ship whose pirate captain had run into so much bad luck as a pirate that he decided to go straight. Tilly Brakket was also bailed out of the Ogre run jail-house for 75 gold as she cut 3 fingers off a man who grabbed her ass at the tavern without asking first.

Also, as part of the reward from Hake, the town’s only tavern, was also to be owned by the Crew. Placing the former tavern wench, Anastanji Tendaji in charge of the tavern, who was last seen making plans with Conchobar Shortstone concerning something called roulette.

With the return of Captain Merrill Peggsworthy and his new Galleon, Kraken’s Fist, their new ship, The Crimson Scourge, was christened and launched. Making the decision to head straight for the Rock and see where Fate had in store for them, the ship left port to a lot of waving and cheering and drinking of rum. With them were the 13 new crew-members and Patti, the new Cabin-girl, a young lass of 14 who is now proud to be a member of the crew.

A few days into the voyage the ship was attacked by 3 Sahuagin who stole aboard the ship at night under a full moon and killed one of the new crewmembers who was guarding the deck. Luckily Cazran the Magnificent was also on watch and as he sounded the ship’s bell the Sahuagin were quickly killed and chased off by the generally naked crew. Order was restored and no one asked why Aron Helstrom was wearing the Manacles of Intimidation and leopard-skin Speedo.

Now things got interesting, passing up a passing Absolonian merchant ship, they soon sailed into a scene of carnage. A Chalaxian naval cutter, the Famished Mane had met and defeated a pirate brig, the Vorsfang. As the Crew watched, their ship unnoticed, the Chelaxian crew was trapping the surviving pirates down below as they lit the defeated vessel aflame.

With no hesitation did Capatin Vanus and the Crew decide to engage and destroy the Chalaxians.
As this journal ends they sail into battle. Besmara ….and Gozreh…be with them.

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The Story So Far.....

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