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The Pirates of the Inner Sea have always been a thorn in the side of the Free Nations. Their greed and bloodlust have brought terror and death to the waters of Golarion. Pirates, Privateers, Freebooters, and Thieves they prowl the waters in skiffs, rowboats, and coracles in search of easy prey. While most of these Brigands are little more than brutish thugs, the Free Captains that prowl the Shackles have come to posses a unnatural talent for robbery and mayhem. These fearsome pirates often rise to prominence.

This is the tale of a band of these Pirates – men, adventurers and seekers of fortune, shanghaied and taken aboard the pirate ship, Wormwood. It is a tale of Courage, of Strength and of Fate. It is a tale building into legend about how a small group of people can come to build a legend.

Frozen Whispers

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